As early as the age of 10, Eric Ledeuil already composed small violin pieces, his first instrument, which he played occasionally with his grandfather. Later noticed by the composer Franz Tournier during a concert of students of the conservatory of Rennes, he undertakes studies of composition, analysis and writing. He perfected later in the Paris region with great musicians such as Jose-Luis Campana for composition and Claude-Henry Joubert for writing and counterpoint.

After a successful debut at the Orchestrades de Brive-la-Gaillarde where he conducts one of his first symphonic compositions, his career as a composer really begins during the festival “Young Talents of Brittany” in Rennes where many of these works are represented at the opera and at the festival of “Tombées de la nuit”. The spin-offs are immediate as commands are made by local harmonies, musical associations and chamber orchestras (arrangements and compositions for musical tales and children’s operas).

His experiences as a flutist in the various instrumental ensembles he belonged to and his pedagogical profession led him to compose, transcribe and arrange many concert and educational pieces for his instrument in a wide variety of styles, from contemporary music in neoclassicism, from variety to tango.