Holder of the Certificate of Aptitude, Eric Ledeuil teaches for 20 years the flute at the School of Music Harmony of the Pays de Meaux. He is appointed director of the School of Music of Brocéliande in 2013, an establishment he would run for 4 years before returning to teaching the flute and chamber music.

Very invested in his profession of teacher, he publishes at the biggest publishers educational pieces borrowed from various musical currents, as well as didactic books in order to work, by this way, with the enrichment and the evolution of the repertoire of the flute. As such, he is regularly invited by the conservatories as a composer and pedagogue to animate masterclasses around his works. He is also a trainer for conservatoire teachers.

In 2005, he created the International Flute Competition Young Hope with the aim, among other things, to promote the contemporary repertoire and to allow young talents to access the practice of soloist with orchestra.