At the age of 8, Eric Ledeuil manifests his taste for music. He joined the Conservatoire de Rennes where he received flute lessons in the classes of Marie-José Lamotte and Gladys Bouchet. 10 years later, he perfected in the Paris region with Patrick Gallois and Benoît Fromanger.

His eclectic career began in Brittany where he joined various orchestral formations, participated in creations, performed and produced many of his works at concerts and festivals such as those of the “Young Talents of Brittany” and ” Dombées de la nuit “which reveals it in 1988 to the public Rennes.

He is at the origin of several chamber music ensembles with which he plays regularly on the stages of France and abroad. A member of the wind quintet “Pelleas” from 1992 to 1996, he worked in parallel with the flute quartet “Tutti Flauti”, which he left in 1997 for Argentinian tango groups “Moderato Tangabile” and then “K_Togan” and with which he records two albums.

Today, he performs most often in chamber music and piano recitals and continues his adventure with Argentine tango in various ensembles.